Get more time back on every return with timesavers built into your workflow. bookkeeping Learn how to obtain and use an EFIN to electronically file returns.

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Upload documents, store them, view them as you do the return, and download them if needed. You can also customize your requests for tax information, based on the previous year’s information. You’ll make sure your requests only ask for what’s relevant to each client’s situation. Gain more control over your firm’s information and access to client data at the user level. You can use pro forma batch processing when you carry tax return data over from the previous year to the current year. Plan ahead with your 1040 and Schedule C clients by building comparative tax scenarios.

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Access the sessions online anytime to learn new ways to prepare for the upcoming tax season. You deserve a better way to tackle the time constraints of tax season. That’s why you get powerful productivity tools built into all three of our professional tax programs.

intuit proconnect tax online

Now, their workflow helps them make a bigger difference in their clients’ lives. Our top customer service agents studied 75 of the most commonly asked topics regarding complex returns.

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Community for fast answers Connect with pros like you and Intuit product experts to get the information you need, when you need it. QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Get all the power of QuickBooks in a one-time purchase accounting software installed on your office computer. EasyACCT Get the full-service write-up package that’s designed by accountants, for accountants. Pay-by-Refund Give your clients the option of no upfront, out-of-pocket costs and give yourself an easy way to get paid with refund transfers. Intuit Practice Management Run your firm remotely with a centralized, real-time view of your work, clients and staff.

The PDF Organizer offered in ProConnect is now part of Link, and tax preparers can cut down on paper by allowing their clients to sign forms electronically using the e-Signature feature . Share completed returns with your clients digitally, with just a click. Your client will be notified that they’ve received a document where they can view the completed return. Streamline your client accounting and tax work by managing your accounting clients and your tax clients from the same dashboard. Plus, you’ll save time when you review your clients’ books at the end of the year, and you’ll eliminate manual tax data entry when you prep for taxes. Request client data with a few quick clicks and rely on automated reminders to help you get everything you need, when you need it, to complete returns faster.

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Know when they’re done, so you can start importing data and working on their return. Prepare your tax organizer and send it to your client with an invitation to use Link. Upon cancellation or the termination of your account, you will not have access to the ProConnect Services, data and other Content you uploaded to the ProConnect Services. To convert your data, launch the ProConnect program and select “Convert payroll Data” from the Tools menu accessed from the gear symbol at the lower left. The data will be stored on Intuit servers, so you can access it at anytime from anywhere. We protect your information by encrypting it when it’s stored in our systems. Rest assured that your returns are done right with comprehensive diagnostics that instantly pinpoint errors and show you exactly where to go to fix them with a click.

This summer I was told by customer service that I would lock in last year’s price by just pre-ordering any number of returns. So on 9/3 I ordered s and 1 business return even though I prepared s and 9 business returns. Then a few days ago I received a renewal bill that states “Pre-order above number of returns or more to lock in your discount price.” ProConnect Tax offers comprehensive data conversion services from most other competitive tax programs.

Enjoy peace of mind that your data is still here just the way you left it, safeguarded by Intuit’s team of security experts, advanced security tools, and monitoring. Connect productivity boosters like Intuit Practice Management and eSignature to your ProConnect software for a customized experience that fits your exact needs. Take advantage of proven productivity tools and powerful diagnostics honed for the last 40 years and elevated to the cloud for ultimate convenience.

  • Experience an easier way to shine at tax time with a free ProConnect trial—no commitments, no wasted work.
  • You can use pro forma batch processing when you carry tax return data over from the previous year to the current year.
  • Historical market share data from shows ProSeries as having the most users than any other professional tax software.
  • It’s important that you feel completely confident in your new software.
  • So on 9/3 I ordered s and 1 business return even though I prepared s and 9 business returns.

Breeze through returns with more than 20,000 automated calculations and 21,000 diagnostics to help maximize your accuracy. Plus, you’ll have quick access to more than 5,700 federal and state forms—everything you need for individual and business returns. Enjoy connected workflows and real-time coordination with your staff and clients. Reduce manual input errors by importing data directly from your clients’ documents and financial institutions. If you purchase returns between the date of first availability of the next Tax Year, but before the current Tax Year Service charge date , you may cancel your order. In the event, you purchase returns after the current Tax Year Service charge date , Intuit shall issue a refund on unused returns within thirty calendar days from your purchase date.

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