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Overall, Mewtwo is a non-traditional glass cannon who falls under the category of the zoner archetype; it must play cautiously and aware so the opponent does not capitalise on its tall hurtbox and light weight. However, this does not mean Mewtwo is forced to rely on turtling, as its outstanding mobility, excellent air game, and overall powerful moveset make it a force to be reckoned with. Instead, Mewtwo should be played patiently, controlling space , baiting and poking with Shadow Ball, its aerials and its movement. As such, Mewtwo is a character with a fairly high learning curve, as it has to capitalise on reads more often than not because of its frailty and susceptibility to pressure. While Mewtwo’s moveset may not be as versatile as other glass cannons such as Wolf, it makes up for it with comparatively huge power and damage output. In short, Mewtwo has the attack power and range of an archetypal heavyweight character, but still retains the combo game and manoeuvrability of a lightweight character. Mewtwo’s neutral special, Shadow Ball, has excellent versatility, as it can combo into virtually any of Mewtwo’s quicker moves at any percent depending on the charge of the projectile.

Nonetheless it is still a risky move to throw out in neutral. Up smash has the quickest startup of all Mewtwo’s smash attacks and is a good anti-air, but also has the highest ending lag. Forward smash has decent range and is powerful when spaced, but is relatively slow and smash bros faf also not safe on shield. So although these moves are good if they hit, they’re very punishable if they don’t. This means that Mewtwo prefers not to play close to its opponent. It can, however, use its great ground speed to move in and punish mistakes using these moves.

They say yes under the spell, and the Koopas proceed to head back to Earth. Meanwhile, the team gets taken to a military base that is owned by S.M.A.S.H. John gets a report that Dry Bowser has found an army and they plan to invade Brooklyn, Mario and Luigi’s former home. Mario is shocked and says they have to stop Bowser once and for all. S.M.A.S.H. tells them they found this object called the Smash Ball a little while back, and they’re testing it.

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Mewtwo’s traction is significantly higher (0.04 → 0.116), going from the second-worst in the game to above-average. As with all previous downloadable fighters in SSB4, Mewtwo now has a unique Palutena’s Guidance conversation. Clear Classic Mode with Fox or any character in his unlock tree, being the last character unlocked after Wolf. Play VS. matches, with Mewtwo being the 60th character to be unlocked. Like in Melee, Mewtwo is once again an unlockable character.

smash bros faf

Placed 2nd at No Fun Allowed 3, 9th at Glitch 6, 17th at GENESIS 6, 25th at Let’s Make Moves, smash bros faf and 33rd at Frostbite 2019. He has defeated Awestin, Jw, NickC, Gen, Abadango, and NAKAT.

The looping hits have smaller hitboxes (3u → 2.5u), reducing the move’s range for most of its duration. It deals additional shield damage (0 → 8 /4 ), allowing it to better wear down shields, even with the potential of breaking them depending on charge. The last hit has more knockback scaling (107 → 111), improving its KO potential. It deals less knockback (14 base/30 scaling → 8/10) and each hit has a hitstun modifier of 3. Back roll has more startup (frame 4 → 5) and ending lag (FAF 30 → 35). This improves its vertical survivability, but makes it more susceptible to combos.

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On top of this, Mewtwo also received many nerfs to its best moves, hindering both its previously strong neutral game and combo ability. Shadow Ball now deals negative shield damage, making it less viable as a zoning and pressuring option from a distance. Neutral attack, as with most others, can no longer effectively jab cancel, removing its wide range of previously true followups. Down tilt has more endlag, which combined with the changes to knockback, impairs its combo potential and narrows Mewtwo’s KO setups.

, Harisen) is an item that appeared in the first three games in the Super Smash Bros series. It is characterised as being a very weak weapon with an extremely high attack speed, as well as being surprisingly effective at trapping opponents and ruining shields. Some series fans saw this as racist, leading to Nintendo apologizing and removing the animation in an update shortly after release. Two weeks before its release, a leaked copy of the game was distributed across the internet. Nintendo took steps to issue copyright strikes on YouTube videos using data mined content, while fans worked to isolate spoilers, particularly the World of Light story mode, from those that had played the leaked version. The Piranha Plant was chosen as a DLC character because Sakurai wanted to add diversity to the roster. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, stated that negotiating the inclusion of Banjo and Kazooie, a property owned by Microsoft through its acquisition of Rare, was “an easy deal to make” thanks to Microsoft’s strong partnership with Nintendo.

The Japanese name for the Fan, which is harisen, coincides with the Japanese name for Banjo & Kazooie’s forward smash (“Breegull Bash” in English, “Harisen Kazooie” in Japanese). This could be a reference to a manzai act where someone hits another person on the head with a paper fan, while Banjo similarly hits people with Kazooie. Masahiro Sakurai ruminates on the differences in the move’s names while demonstrating Banjo & Kazooie’s moveset in his video presentation of Ultimate’s Challenger Pack 3.

If the opponent fails to DI all of the Shadow Balls correctly, it can KO at around 140% from the combined knockback of every projectile.Back throw11%Telekinetically throws the opponent backward. Tied with Incineroar for the third strongest up throw in the game, only losing to Charizard’s and Olimar’s Blue Pikmin variant. It KOs middleweights at around 140% from ground level, and even earlier when standing on a platform.Down throw4% , 5% Telekinetically slams the opponent to the ground, and then somersaults in order to strike them with its tail. It can combo into up tilt at low percentages, and forward aerial at mid-high percentages, which can KO reliably at around 80%-130% depending on the opponent’s weight and size.

Subspace Emissary, and Sakurai chose to start it with a cataclysmic event because he thought it would leave a greater impact on players. The team conceived the Spirits mechanic because they wanted to create an enjoyable single-player mode but did not have enough resources to create normal balance character models. While it did not let them tell stories for individual fighters or create new locations and rules, the Spirits let them use a variety of characters and assets. One part of the team chose Spirits to include in the game and had to thoroughly research them.

It is also a very powerful meteor smash when sweetspotted in the air and has a rather large disjoint that extends below Mewtwo, making it a good edgeguarding and 2-framing option. Due to it hitting on frame 15, however, it has the highest amount of start-up lag out of Mewtwo’s aerials. Its sourspot boasts respectable power and can combo into tilts at low percents and aerials at mid percents, or even KO by itself at high percentages, at around 140%.Grab—Telekinetically holds an opponent. Mewtwo’s grab range and speed are average.Pummel1.3%Releases a pulse of darkness into the opponent.Forward throwShadow Cannon3% , 2% Telekinetically lifts the opponent diagonally in the air before firing five Shadow Balls at them. It deals 13% if all hits connect, making it among the most damaging throws in the game. While it does not possess any true follow-ups, it has relatively low endlag and leaves the opponent in a favorable position to cover their options with a running up tilt, dash attack, back aerial, etc.


Dry Bowser tries to convince the Pirates to join his army, but they refuse. Dry Bowser uses Kamek’s mind control spell to manipulate the Space Pirates into joining him and wait for the portal to get them to Earth.

smash bros faf

Ultimate brings the long-requested Kingdom Hearts’ Sora into the mix.

Teleport can grab on to ledges more easily, with the new ledge grab range being roughly twice its original size. The projectile is colored purple and white throughout the orb instead of purple at the edge and black/yellow/blue in the center. The center of the orb resembles a burst of energy instead of a vortex, and the move causes more intense visual effects when it hits an opponent. It can grab onto ledges more easily, with the new ledge grab range being roughly twice its original size. Rather than gaining additional shield damage when charged that increases alongside the charge level, it has negative shield damage even when uncharged, which further decreases as it is charged (0 , 3 → -0.6, -4). This worsens fully charged Shadow Balls’ ability to break shields. The move can no longer be charge-canceled immediately, instead incurring 4 frames of lag beforehand.

An item made by taking thick paper, folding it accordion-style, taping one end, and fanning out the other. It’s mainly used as a comedic prop by comedians from Osaka and the Kansai region of Japan.

The trophy description of the Fan in Brawl states that whacking foes with it turns them around. All other attacks with the Fan simply send the foe toward or behind the user .

Mewtwo was confirmed to be a playable character in Ultimate before Pikachu, making this the first time Pikachu was not the first Pokémon to be announced as part of the roster. Mewtwo was one of the many fighters that fell under Dharkon’s control upon Galeem’s first defeat. It can be found in the Mysterious Dimension sub-area, where its location will be accessed during the quiz segment asking which spirit cannot be inhaled by Kirby . During the opening cutscene, Mewtwo was present on the cliffside when Galeem unleashed his beams of light. Mewtwo and Zelda attempted to reflect the beams using Confusion and Nayru’s Love respectively; this effort failed, with both being vaporized and placed under Galeem’s imprisonment, along with the rest of the fighters . Mewtwo was among the fighters that were summoned to fight the army of Master Hands. SDX – The best Mewtwo player in the world prior to his hiatus.

  • On top of this, Mewtwo also received many nerfs to its best moves, hindering both its previously strong neutral game and combo ability.
  • Neutral aerial has heavily increased ending lag, a shorter duration, and smaller hitboxes, making it less viable for covering options and removing its aerial combo potential, limiting Mewtwo to land with the move and read the opponent’s trajectory accordingly.
  • Shadow Ball now deals negative shield damage, making it less viable as a zoning and pressuring option from a distance.
  • Neutral attack, as with most others, can no longer effectively jab cancel, removing its wide range of previously true followups.
  • Down tilt has more endlag, which combined with the changes to knockback, impairs its combo potential and narrows Mewtwo’s KO setups.

Its forward tilt has good range but noticeable startup, and a close hit with it can KO near the ledge at high percents. Its down tilt boasts relatively low ending cash basis lag and quick startup, while launching opponents at mostly vertical angles. This makes it a great combo tool, comboing into all of Mewtwo’s aerials and up tilt.

Grab this unique item and whack foes to turn them in the opposite direction. Throw a fan at a foe, and that statement of retained earnings example character will fly straight up. Ultimate character mural and if you know him well, it’s no surprise where.

Selecting yes cuts their score in half and restarts the battle. Selecting no or not selecting within a ten second countdown will result in a Game Over. Lastly, Mewtwo has surprisingly good range for a lightweight fighter. All of its smash attacks have disjointed hitboxes that allow them to beat out attacks safely (especially up smash, as using it at the right time can prevent any stall-then-fall attack). Forward smash can be angled up or down to catch an airborne opponent or to edgeguard low recoveries, respectively. Its tail attacks also offer excellent range, despite not being as disjointed.