If your testing demands that your API functional tests that can be leveraged into performance tests as well, JMeter is a no brainer. If you are a fan of BDD style specification and are looking for an API testing tool that is equally powerful for newbies and experienced users, Karate is a great choice. If you are looking for an API testing tool that supports a BDD style specification and you are using Java, Rest-Assured is a great choice. Can be easily integrated with Serenity automation framework, which helps to combine the UI and REST tests in one framework that generates awesome reports. Added the Endpoint Explorer dialog for users to send exploratory requests and analyze responses without creating a project.

automate rest api testing

Resources are the request from a client of what it wants to get from a host — like a web page or a database record. REST is a lightweight option for developing web services using the HTTP protocol — a fact which makes it simpler with less overhead than a web service that uses the SOAP protocol. Understanding HTTP will give us a good foundation for understanding the majority of your API test tool functionality. HTTP is a communication protocol that transports messages over a network. HTTP is also known as a stateless protocol because each request that it makes is independent of all previous requests.


It goes very well with gopass, where you can safely store your secrets and fetch them through the script. In order to create the collection, I tend to use the Postman app. I like to extract things like URLs and parameters to an environment. Then configuring it becomes easier, and you don’t have any sensitive information in the collection itself. Your history is a convenient place to start building this collection.

Rest Assured.io framework has made it very simple using core java basics, making it a very desirable thing to learn. Apiary allows monitoring the API during the design phase by capturing both request and response. It allows the user to write API blueprints and lets the user view them Apiary editor or Apiary.jo.

Testing Put Request

In our first script we will see how to check our response data. When it comes to API testing, the very first tool which comes to mind is Postman. With over 11 millions users, Postman is easy to adopt for beginners all the way up through expert users. The tool can be used to explore and understand API’s, and then later leverage those findings to create and execute automated scenarios as well. A simple example would be to search a simple term on a base URL.

automate rest api testing

We continually make improvements and add new features based on feedback from our community of over 13 million users—who can also help you get the most out of Postman on our community forum. Use the schema as a single source of truth to write tests against your API. For more information about HTTP status codes, along with a comprehensive list of all the different codes and error messages, read our HTTP Status deployment models in cloud Codes List article on our Knowledge Base. So you are trying to find an airline that offers inexpensive tickets. You write in the search engine, and you get a whole list of companies. In the same way, when you are trying to search for videos on YouTube, you simply type the keyword or name in the search field and hit enter. Well, it’s a set of rules which help programs to communicate with each other.


More than once I spent half a day debugging an error in my app, only to notice that a downstream API was borked all along. Automated tests cover that integration, and help isolate issues. Keeping the testing pyramid in mind, automate rest api testing we can picture them as very high level tests. These tests confirm that a particular REST API works as intended, treating the internals as a black box. We don’t involve any UI in the process, which helps reduce the flakiness.

  • It will be a nightmare to maintain test scripts when your tests starting failing due to structural or data changes.
  • Runtime error detection – Monitoring an application the execution of automated or manual tests to expose problems such as race conditions, exceptions, and resource leaks.
  • It has a friendly UI for constructing requests and reading responses, which allows for creating automated tests quite fast.
  • If you are looking for a continuous testing platform for Agile and DevOps, Tricentis Tosca has got you covered.
  • There are various technologies and tools available; a few of them are Apache HTTP client, rest-assured,soapUI,Postman, etc.

Each time I clicked, a few REST API calls were made to the web server. Apigee is a cross-cloud API testing tool, allowing users to measure and test API performance, supports and build API using other editors like Swagger. Apigee is recognized as one of the leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019 for Full Lifecycle API Management for the fourth consecutive time.

Api Testing Framework

Increase in project complexity by using additional tools and libraries. Generate complex load scenarios to test the scale and performance of API. Import user’s API definitions to easily validate schema rules, automatically generate assertions against endpoints and inject synthetic data into parameters. It can be inconvenient, especially when you are viewing a detailed quality report of your web services. Support for validating HTTP responses with turn-key assertions such as JSON Schema validation and JSON Path data integrity checks.

To break it down in simple words, there are three steps within which the whole process of automating with REST assured can be summoned up. Number of open source and commercial tools are available for software development team the same purpose. Available as a NuGet package, RestSharp is a popular and convenient open-source HTTP client library for .NET. Postman is currently one of the most popular tools used in API testing.

Postman Tutorial For Automation : All You Need To Know

Let us now learn on how to create test scripts using POSTMAN. For validation of API, on receiving a response, Postman validates the response as described in the test scripts. Most interesting part is a JSON response can be parsed to an array and then the elements can be accessed by index and value or even be iterated. For instance, Agile practices like continuous builds, the amount of time taken to receive a feedback for a manual regression test with the new code is too high.

If you want, you can apply the same method to test other requests. More to this, when you open Google maps and look for a specific place you want to visit, you can also see Pair programming the nearby amenities, such as restaurants and commute options. That happens because the companies have exposed their APIs, and REST API works almost in a similar way.


It is one of the best api automation tools which uses model-based test automation that makes script maintenance easy. An API or Application Programming Interface is a collection of software functions and procedures through which other software applications can be accessed or executed. In API Testing you use software to send calls to the API, get output and log the system’s response.

automate rest api testing

No need to manually add query strings to URLs and form-encode POST data. Igor Pavlenko considers Requests a powerful library with easy-to-understand website development consulting documentation, simple syntax, and rich functionality. You want to be sure that your system performance scales according to the changing load.

Robot Framework genrates nice test report for all the test-case executed with detailed steps and execution status. The API request can be customized with a variety of header, query, path param, and any session or cookies to be set. Rest Assured is a very straightforward language, and fetching headers is just as simple. automate rest api testing Like before, we will create a standalone method to do the same. You can add the below lines in your java class and see no compile errors are present. The most widely popular tool for API testing in the world, SoapUI allows you to test REST and SOAP APIs with ease – as it has been built specifically for API testing.

Tools which seem to be a relative balance between cost and other factors might have drawbacks to specific project types that need to be considered. Fiddler’s API Composer makes it easy to quickly test, group, and organize your API requests.

What Is A Rest Api?

It’s a free open-source tool with custom scripting functionalities that require advanced programming skills. The point of load testing is to measure where the limit of system performance under high load lies. That’s why we measure response times, throughput, server conditions, etc., while increasing the number social trading networks of calls. To ensure the API can handle the expected or higher load, QA engineers validate its functionality and performance by artificially creating or simulating API calls. UI tests can’t cover every aspect of back-end testing and turn out to be insufficient for verifying functional paths and API services.