What are Tinder, OkCupid and eHarmony individuals Tweeting regarding? Tinder Users Very Likely To Tweet About Positive Action Than Bad

Basically were required to guess, Id envision individuals that were uploading about Tinder might have much more unfavorable items to talk about than good. Crazy communications, no-shows for times, artificial pages there are various adverse abstraction available.

But after looking into the info, I became astonished to find that, on average, the tweets about Tinder contain more glowing text than negative:

I marked text included in the tweets as either damaging or positive, and enhanced the negative or good get if the phrase had things like very when in front of all of them. One damaging terminology had a score of -1, and also the most favorable got a score of 1.

As we discussed, much of the statement dipped into the slightly glowing type, between 0.0 and 0.2.

I did so the same thing for OkCupid and eHarmony tweets. That they had a commonly equivalent tendency, but comprise a little regarding the good area as compared to Tinder tweets.

I desired to be aware of a lot more. Exactly what had been the commonest unfavorable keywords for the tweets about Tinder, OkCupid, and eHarmony? To find out, I developed a word cloud. The greater the common the term, the bigger it appears.

(A brief mention about the reason why various terms look witty: I often tried an approach named stemming, which teams the same terms jointly by slicing off of the stop. Like for example, desper features hopeless, despair, etc.)

Everyone is tweeting about some frightening stuff! Attack, alarming, satan, panic, passing.

Unfavorable statement including: hate, unusual, silly, determined.

Other stuff feature: garbage, fraud, freak, and intoxicated.

(in addition, the marking fix I often tried categorizes the word fun as negative and positive, possibly to incorporate when people work with it in the context of making fun of a person.)

Think about the positive side?

Glowing text consist of funni (for funny, funnily an such like), not to mention, appreciate.

Friend, success, incredible, horny, durable, caring, genuinewe can see what folks include searching for if they tweet about online dating services.

On a technical mention: I often tried the open-source instrument KNIME to build up the tweets and perform the study. For more how i did so it, go look at the blog post to the KNIME internet site.

There are certainly a huge amount of terrific (rather than so great) writing around about fancy, online dating sites, as well research of relations. Id want to compose content on the intriguing your, but because that is not just doable, I most certainly will rather promote ten of my personal recently available favorites. View!

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